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Maggie WuMaggie is the Designer Realtor and Sale Manager with Re/max Gold Real Estate ,currently serving San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula Area.

Maggie’s extensive knowledge in construction, her vision in design, and her polished marketing skills provide both buyers and sellers a unique and advantageous perspective to serve their best interests.

Maggie is from China and Hong Kong and has lived around Bay Area for 18 years. Her international experience allows her to connect with clients from all walks of life and to establish solid and lasting relationships.

As a realtor in the Bay Area, Maggie also has 8 years in financial banking industry experience, She has the experience and knowledge it takes to help her clients achieve their real estate goals. She is fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Maggie is passionate and caring, she has but one goal: to give her clients the best real estate experience of their lives.

Maggie Wu ,現為 Re/Max Gold 瑞麦房地產经纪和地区经理, 专精旧金山湾区地产, 服务态度热诚, 诚实可信, 力求为客户争取最大利益! 非常熟悉湾区学区及房屋市场行情,为客户设身处地着想, 获得客户一致好评!

Maggie 还获得了RE/MAX白金俱乐部、主席俱乐部和RE/MAX个人最高荣誉钻石奖的会员资格。

Maggie 擁有金融經濟碩士學位, 曾任職Wells Fargo 富國銀行的理財顧問, 精通英语,国语及粤语.